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Infographics | How You Can Make Your Infographics with Online Tools

Isn’t it clear what an infographic is and how you can use this type of content in your content strategy? Have you been wanting to design one for a long time but don’t know where to start?

By combining images and text and displaying the information in an explanatory way, an infographic communicates visually, facilitating the understanding of the content, and it is straightforward to share it.

It is very easy content to do and very useful for your audience, so you must learn what an infographic is, how it works, what it is for, and the tools and steps you have to take to design a good infographic.

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What is an infographic, how does it work, and what is it for?

An infographic is visual content that conveys information in a much simpler way so that everyone can understand it quickly. Visual content has a higher credibility index since there is a predisposition to feel that the shared content is accurate. It is, without a doubt, one of the best communication tools, thanks to its incredible visual power.

An infographic consists of showing, within an image, icons, images, and text that give meaning to any content and allow it to be quickly understood.

The reasons that can lead you to create an infographic are varied. Based on the fact that an infographic is a powerful communication element, it has a substantial weight in the business world.

However, nowadays, because people suffer from an excess of information and new data and news constantly arrive, it is essential to consider a resource such as infographics to favour content retention.

They are handy tools to improve a content marketing strategy since, well designed, it reduces the amount of information and simplify it and turn complex topics into simple ones.

One of the essential characteristics of infographics is that they can be easily shared by social media or email to have great dissemination and impact.

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Advantages of using infographics – For your content strategy

The dissemination of content on the internet is increasing, and, therefore, new ways of communicating are being sought every day. The information around you becomes more abundant every day, and it is for this very reason that you pay less attention to everything you see and hear.

These innovative ways of communicating get you to pay attention to specific topics, not because it is the topic you are most passionate about, but because the way they tell you entertains you. Infographics are gaining more and more weight in the world of online marketing thanks to their dissemination capacity.

They are effortless to share and they contain an excellent value, For the user since it collects a large amount of information in one place. Below are the benefits of infographics.

Manages to minimize the complexity of the information, developing it in a much simpler and more visual way. They decompose complex data into more superficial visual elements.

This is the main objective of an infographic, and therefore the most crucial benefit. In addition, they allow you to include very different elements and play. With the most visual characteristics of the document to synthesize all the information previously collected.

  • They significantly increase the understanding of the content.

It is not necessary to mention the ability of the human being to grasp, understand and memorize something visual more quickly than something that is not.

Therefore, an infographic will not only help you better understand the information, but you can also retain that information in your head for a more extended period.

It is not the same to remember a text, in which they give you 12 data than to see an image. Where the 12 goals of data accompanied by a graph, where the magnitude of each data is visually understood. In conclusion, it conveys information with just a glance.

  • They can be added to any medium with content.

Another of the strengths of an infographic is that it is so versatile that it can be used in multiple media and will continue to maintain a high level of impact. It can be included in websites, press releases, brochures, and a long, etc.

  • They are very easy to share.

Infographics have very high diffusion ease. It is a simple visual element that usually occupies the same size as any other image, so it can be shared easily and reach more people. For example, any social network would be enough to get the infographic to many users.

  • It collects a large amount of information that adds value.

The infographic is born due to selecting relevant information that is already published on the internet. This information is filtered, organized, and added value. Therefore in a very visual way, a large amount of information is collected that is prepared to add a higher value.

  • Get traffic and qualified links to your website.

A well-developed infographic can be a key point to get traffic and links to your website. Which helps improve organic positioning. That is why infographics are a key point within the digital marketing strategy of any business and its SEO.

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The most recommend tools for creating infographics.

Infographics makers are software that can be downloadable, on your personal computer or can be online editors. All those selected here give you the ability to create infographics for any type of event.



DesignCap is a graphics tool for data visualization, marketing, or corporate design. Don’t worry if you don’t have much graphic knowledge. You just have to select one of its many predesigned templates, modify it and then export it to any format.  You will have a design like a professional with professional templates.


With this platform, you will not create your designs. In this case, the designs are made by a group of professionals according to your instructions. This platform works with a great team of designers, who have a high level of experience in creating designs of this type. Enter his website and discover some of his best work.

Google Chart Tools

Through Google Charts, you can create charts quickly, easily, and for free. Choose from a wide variety of charts, customize to your liking. Easily connect charts and controls on an interactive dashboard. Connect to your data in real-time, while using a wide variety of data connection tools and protocols with endless possibilities.



Infographics are so helpful for your content marketing. And with these user-friendly tools, you can easily create your infographics with minutes.



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