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Marketing Budget | Templates

Digital marketing budget is one of the topics that every marketer must master. Which is exactly a tool that allows you to have greater control over your management expenses.

Tool that you can start designing according to the plan you have created. Even below you can find tips for making a digital marketing budget and templates that will be of great help.

Tips for creating a digital marketing budget

Spend the necessary time, do not worry, do enough research to determine costs to develop each action in your digital marketing plan. If you have video production, content creation, advertising pieces or the design of a Landing Page in your plan.

To prepare your budget you cannot ignore evaluating the return on investment (ROI) of the project. It is essential to achieve a balance, you need a budget that is not scarce, but you cannot waste the resources you have at your disposal.

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The budget you determine must be reasonable to what you want to earn. For example: if you are going to sell a property you need to invest a reasonable percentage of the cost of this property to guarantee its sale.


What makes up a marketing budget

Details of the work to be done: Details is important to specify each category of work to arrive at round figures, for this reason it is important to investigate in depth on issues such as

  • Content
  • Marketing Video Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Advertising Print Advertising
  • SEO


A little analysis of the competition: Doing Benchmarking with the objective of evaluating the actions of the competition. So that you know in which area to intensify your efforts and resources, to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Brief explanation of why develop digital marketing actions: An elementary point when it comes to convincing your boss of what you can achieve for the company. By explain the results of each planned action.

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Tips for your boss to increase the campaign budget

Prepare yourself with convincing arguments, so you can have a budget that facilitates your work to obtain excellent results. This shows that digital marketing actions not only generate an echo in the online field, but also the results can be seen reflected in the offline world.

It is not enough to show a list of benefits, you need to speak the same language. One way to achieve it is to show figures that reflect your work. In fact, one of the most important values ​​in the finances of a company is the return on investment, an argument that cannot fail to convince your boss.

Teach what the competition does as an argument that the rival can take the lead and the possible consequences of this.


Digital Marketing Quote Templates

Template to create a marketing budget Link: Free template

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