We are not going to recommend obsolete methods such as mowing the neighbour’s lawn or babysitting, which are fine for a given time but surely you already know. New technologies and the ability of adolescents with the Internet, opens a wide range of possibilities that did not exist before, and you can put them into practice.


Can you earn money when you are 15 years old or older?

Indeed, from the age of 14, you are already of legal age in some areas of life and you are useful to start earning money without depending on your parents or guardians. If you are studying you can review the best ideas to earn money and combine it with your homework.


Ways to earn money as a young teenager

The Internet offers a wide showcase of offers, websites and applications that allow us to earn money in exchange for doing work online and is also a good way to promote your services to third parties.

While it is true that you can start looking for income offline, you as a teenager have an advantage over older people and that is that you have grown up with technology by your side. You are an expert in Social Networks, you know how to use applications and you have the ability to create videos and those skills are what you have to take advantage of.

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Make money online being young

We are going to describe the best methods to earn money online as a young teenager and underage.

Win € 25 with Rebellion Pay

Rebellion is revolutionizing banking for its simplicity and ease of sending and receiving money. Tell your friends to become Rebels and earn € 5 each. Even if you are between 14 and 18 years old, you can already open an account with the authorization of your parents or legal guardians, take the opportunity to ask them for payment and show that you are capable of starting to control your finances.

Verse app – promotion

Another app that only asks for your name and an email. Open an account in less than 30 seconds, deposit 20 euros and send it to another Verse user, that’s it! They give you € 3 for doing that simple step. To receive the prize you have to enter the POWER code and if you have problems withdrawing, nothing happens, pass the money to someone of legal age and have it returned in another way otra. Save yourself a few pennies to play the daily Trivia and win money.

Paid videos

There is an application in which you earn points that can be exchanged for cash. Finally they pay us to do something that we like so much on Social Networks: watch videos! New users receive a $ 1 gift using this code and can also request a payment of $ 0.10 right now. One of the few apps that allow you to charge on the first day of use.

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Read news online

What if I told you that there is an app that pays you to read the news in the online newspaper? It is about entering the application every day and reading all the news available (up to 150 a day). For each item, you receive points that are exchanged by Paypal and you also receive points by inviting your friends. They also give you more points thanks to the daily and weekly Login Bonus. Ah, you can charge from just € 5!

Listen to music

Few people know this application that pays us to listen to music, in the style of Spotify or Deezer. And not only that, for each ad we earn points redeemable for money (just like those of us who are not Premium in streaming apps). One trick that works is to leave the app open in the background even if you don’t click Play. When you get to a dollar you can request the money through Paypal.

Check the websites that offer money

There are many websites that offer incentives in exchange for certain actions or jobs. Not all of them admit underage users, however, they include wallets such as Paypal or Bitcoins in which identification is not required when charging.

The best-known methods are paid surveys and paid advertising, but there are more, such as micro-jobs websites, collaborative work or transcribing captchas in exchange for money.

Sell things you don’t use

You take a good photo, set a price and wait for them to ask you about it, it’s that easy! Surely you have a lot of figures or toys that you do not use and they are there laughing. With applications like Wallapop, eBay and Vibbo you can give those objects a second chance and earn extra money.

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Sell family items

Also, contact your closest relatives and offer your help to sell. Normally older people do not have skills with new technologies, what you can do in 2 minutes for them can take half an hour. Set a sales commission of 40% (or more if they allow it) and sell third-party objects.

Paying apps

Take a look at the apps to earn money that pays us in exchange for doing tasks.They are so varied that we cannot classify them into categories, there are those that pay for doing micro-jobs, surveys and even for having them installed and there are others that benefit the user by giving personal data and even by running and walking.

Earn free cryptocurrencies

Did you know that virtual currencies are in the middle of a legal vacuum and therefore you can earn them as a minor? More and more people are choosing to get Bitcoins and other cryptos thanks to free pages and applications and save it as an “economic cushion”. Also, if you have a Paypal account or your own bank account, you can exchange cryptocurrencies for real money, without having to be of legal age.

Sell your skills

What may be easy and basic to you may seem like a world to another person. In Fiverr or Freelancer, you can offer skills of editor, translator, logo creator and even more current services such as the creator of trailers for video games, translation of musical lyrics or animation for Streamers.

Create a simple web page

For what? In it, you can offer your services and send it to companies or businesses of your interest to offer your work. Create a good cover letter and say what you can do. Today many jobs can be done without leaving home and this is an advantage. You can also take advantage of it to insert it into micro-job pages like Fiverr.

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Teach seniors

Surely more than once, your mother has asked you how to buy online or your father how to register for an application, why not take advantage of this to earn money? Surely it is very easy for you to teach knowledge about Social Networks and the Internet and you will do it with pleasure knowing that you are going to receive an extra.

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is exploited in certain topics but there is always something new that you can contribute and start earning your first euros. Create the channel and start uploading content without thinking about it, later on, you will come up with ideas to focus on a topic and be able to monetize it thanks to ads and advertising.

Do you like video games?

You can earn money by being a “Game tester” although for this you will need certain programming skills and spend hours in front of the screen. The most viable option is to get objects in video games and exchange them for real money. There are also games that pay users in exchange for having a fun time.

Create logos and sell them

Surely you spend many hours in front of the screen and all you do is waste of time. Can’t you create logos? On the Internet, you will find a lot of tutorials and free websites that will allow you to capture your ideas and be able to sell them. The case is to create and someone will surely buy.

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Sell your photos

In the same way, there are websites that pay money for your photographs. It is not necessary to have a piece of professional equipment, some smartphones are well endowed in terms of photography and images. You just have to be original and make good frames, upload the photo and wait for them to buy it.


How to make money offline.

Believe it or not, there are also opportunities outside the online world, especially at home and in your closest environment:

Do housework

First of all, you should always help at home, because your tutors end up tired of cleaning and working. Surely you already have tasks assigned such as making your bed or cleaning the room, offer to do more work at home in exchange for a prize or a commission, your parents will be delighted and you will earn money.

Talk to your neighbours

Possibly your close environment is made up of neighbours and older people who need a little help for daily activities such as shopping, cleaning or small tasks that you can perform. Don’t be ashamed to ask, you don’t already have it as an answer.

Contact local businesses

Surely in your neighbourhood there are businesses that do not have an Instagram account or do not have their own website because they consider it unnecessary. Offer yourself as a kind of community manager to create and manage the Social Networks of a business in exchange for money for free products of the business itself

🗣 Offer yourself as an ambassador

Along the same lines, get in touch with local businesses to promote their products in exchange for remuneration. For example, you can promote a nail business in exchange for getting yours done for free or talk about the best cakes in the area in exchange for those precious sweets. You can also negotiate if you prefer money, they may agree to it.

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How to manage money as a teenager.

If you are responsible to start earning money on your own, you must be responsible for managing it as well. Do not spend it all at the time of receiving it because even a small part must keep it to save.

You can help you with savings application so that you begin to familiarize yourself with money management and prepare yourself for when you find your first real job.

The best technique to save money is to save part of what you receive at the same time. For example, you have earned 100 euros in an afternoon and you must save at least 10 euros, it may seem silly but after time you will appreciate it.

Enjoy the rest of the money, surprise your family or spend it on whims that you have earned for that.